Heat Pumps

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A problem with your heat pump can cost you a lot of money in repairs and on your energy bill. Typical heat pump issues include issues turning on, not blowing hot air, and unit blockages. All of these problems are critical and need professional attention immediately.

At GreenGaff, we hire the best workers in the home heating industry. A heat pump maintenance professional can help diagnose and solve issues with your heat pump, boiler, or other heating system. You can also save on energy bills when your heat pump is properly maintained.

What do I get with a Repair & Care plan?

Exclusive 24/7 access to our maintenance and support platform with helpful advice on how to keep your boiler running for longer.

Access to Domestic & General's My Account, where you can view your system plans and view repair history.

You'll be able to book any future repairs and manage engineer appointments 24/7 online or over the phone.

Peace of Mind

We recommend all homeowners sign up for one of our maintenance plans. These plans offer annual inspections for your heating systems. This service allows you to stay ahead of any heat pump issues and keeps your warranties intact.

The team at GreenGaff has decades of heat pump maintenance experience. We are happy to take your call anytime at 01-8991694 or you can request a service by clicking the button below.

Heat Pump and Mechanical Ventilation System

250 Including Vat

Home 360​ Annual System Service

300 Including Vat

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Heat pumps require an annual service by a qualified professional to keep the manufacturer warranty intact. Most manufacturers withdraw a heat pump’s warranty if you do not get it serviced at least once a year, or if you get it serviced by someone other than a professional.

Much like other heating sources in homes a heat pump should be checked annually by a qualified technician to keep it operating safely and efficiently.

Typically most heat pump manufacturers require your boiler to be serviced by a trained technician each yeah in order for your warranty to remain valid.

After we carry out a service we will provide you with a service report which you can show to your boilers manufacturer should you ever need to avail of the manufacturers warranty.

A heat pump service will take approximately 45-60 minutes depending on ease of access to the heat pump. If urgent repairs are required then the check may take longer as additional safety measure may need to be taken.

  • Full system functional check (System pressure, heat meter operation).
  • Service filter: inspect and clean, replace if necessary. *
  • Clean evaporator coil, check levels of antifreeze.
  • Electrical safety check.
  • Control system check: verify heat pump is responding correctly to the heating controls.
  • Check for contamination: Look for any sign of biological contamination.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks.
  • Clean out the mechanical ventilation system
  • Replace the system filters
  • Carry out a flow verification test
  • Detailed functioning test of room stats and motorised valves.
  • Cold water system check: pumps and pressure vessel test and recommissioned.
  • Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MHVR) system – clean and replace filters. *
  • Check all connections are well sealed with no air leaks. A Functional test to verify the unit is correctly working.
  • A visual inspection will be carried out on taps and waste pipes to ensure no leaks. This will include the attic tank and a test on the ball cock function.

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