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The best way to prevent the build-up of unwanted airborne pollutants in your home is to have a professional annual service on your ventilation system. By carrying out regular services with approved installers you can keep your ventilation systems warranty in up to date and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Simply put, a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system is a method of ventilating a property. Today’s buildings are highly insulated and air-tight and with this high level of insulation and air-tightness comes new problems. You still need ventilation in the property. You can either drill a series of 100mm holes in each room to ventilate the building with outdoor air. With this method, the air can be cold, hot, stale, smelly, pollen filled, humid. Sometimes there lots of air coming in through these, say on windy days. Other calm days, your home is not being ventilated at all. The other option is to use controlled mechanical ventilation or HRV.

Although it won’t heat your home directly it does prevent cooler air from entering your home via traditional vents in the windows and wall. This also comes with the added benefit of reducing your heating bills.

There are many benefits, though here are the main ones 1. Controlled ventilation. Air flows are fixed for all rooms. You always get the correct level of ventilation required for the particular room. 2. Humidity control. High humidity in homes caused lots of issues. It leads to spore growth, which is bad for anyone suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problem. 3. Mould growth. When spores gather is extremely high levels, they can show in the form of dark stains on ceilings or in the corners of rooms generally. 4. Odour control. Homes sometimes need to be ventilated to remove stale smells. 5. Clearing your bathroom & kitchen. Our new Kinetic unit comes with a built in humidity stat as standard. When you have a shower or cook, humidity levels in the house naturally rise. The unit will detect this and will automatically speed up the fans to remove this humidity. When normal humidity levels are returned, the fans drop back to normal levels.

Yes a heat recovery ventilation system can be used with any type of heating.

All you will see is a small, modern looking ceiling grille, usually no bigger than about 125mm (5″) in diameter.

The stale air gets vented outside through a wall or roof vent and the fresh air is pulled in through a separate vent.

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